Sunday, May 6, 2012

Style Evolution: Solange Knowles

Dressed in Gucci head-to-toe at the Gucci GQ Cocktail Party, Solange showed off her signature bold lip and curly locks. She was not always so chic and revolutionary. Through the years, since Johnson Family Vacation and The Proud Family, we have seen Solange Knowles evolve into a Style Icon. Read more....

Over past two years, we have seen the trend setter show up at parties and post pics to her Damn Blog and even be the DJ at events. Her versatile style lends itself to the impeccable execution of runway looks as seen in the top photo at the Gucci GQ Party and below, in a floral Vera Wang gown.

As a songwriter,  Carol's Daughter spokesperson and free spirit, this 25 year-old mother of one proves that the right pair of Zannotti pumps  can do wonders for ones reputation and popularity. From fashion spreads to hanging out with her son, Julez, Solange wears what she wants and does it well.

The fashion Icon, that is Solange Knowles, took the spotlight almost unexpectedly. Once known as "The Little Sister" of Superstar Singer Beyonce, the style maven has since reemerged with nothing more than her striking beauty, ever-changing hairstyles, patterns and prints .


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